Hello Tubbies!

Mr. Kipling the dog here, I am CEO (Chief Eating Officer) and spokesdog at Tubby Challenge and I will be reporting on my Portion Control efforts and other matters of interest to all you Plump Lump humans (Tubbies).

What, you may ask is Tubby Challenge?

Tubby Challenge is a series of fun weight loss competitions designed to help the humans stay fit and raise funds for a great charity Medical Detection Dogs.  It was started by two human friends in April 2011 and has been, pardon the pun, expanding ever since.

In June 2011, 19 Tubbies from the UK and the USA completed The Tubby Challenge.  The Tubbies put down their chocolate, backed away from the fridge and collectively shed a whopping 127 pounds to transform themselves into super models (well super model might be a slight exaggeration).  They raise £1,120 (US$ 1,680) through sponsorship, entry fees and a competition.

My Goldie chums with their not so tubby humans presenting Daisy and her human Claire Guest CEO of Medical Detection Dogs with our first cheque.

Since then other Tubbies have been put to the challenge and over £2,000 (US$ 3,000) has been raised.








Ellie and Tia from Tubby HQ presenting Ches from Medical Detection Dogs with a cheque at Discover Dogs in London.

Who are Medical Detection Dogs?

Medical Detection Dogs are a very unique charity who are undertaking pioneer work in the training of dogs to detect human disease by odour with an emphasis on cancer detection . The charity also train medical assistance dogs to alert individuals managing day to day complex life threatening health conditions including acute diabetes, Addisonian crisis, allergic responses and narcolepsy, giving them greater independence and above all saving their lives on a daily basis. Please check out the Medical Detection Dogs website, their work could one day save your life!

Sniffing to save lives!

New Projects at Tubby HQ:

Please watch this space, after a winter of too much TV, cream buns and chips, a sequel to the The Return of The Tubbies is imminent!

… and for those of you who have been good and retained your bikini bods Tubby HQ will be devising some more fun “Guess the Weight” competitions.  It is time our Tubby Meter went up up up!

Who is Mr. Kipling?

In case you haven’t noticed I am a rather handsome English Springer Spaniel and together with the help of my Auntie Ellie, a gorgeous Golden Retriever, we were the real instigators of The Tubby Challenge.  It was becoming rather embarrassing for stylish pups like ourselves to be seen out walking with our plump lump humans.  This was particularly so for Auntie Ellie who is a dancing member of the famous Southern Golden Retriever Display Team and has been on TV with important persons Ben Fogle and Clare Balding and made guest appearances on Blue Peter.  Auntie Ellie even has two Blue Peter badges!

Auntie Ellie

Thank you to all our supporters and volunteers!

I must add a big THANK YOU to all my dog and kitty pals for so quickly signing up their plump lump humans and keeping them all on track. Also a special THANK YOU to all our wonderful sponsors, supporters and volunteers, you are fantastic!

Medical Detection Dogs rely on public support and donations from great people like you. Without you, their valuable life saving work would not be possible.

Remember, I am available to assist all humans with portion control, no portion is too large!

Big Paw Wave, Mr. Kipling

…….. and don’t forget to follow all our latest news on my Blog

Announcement: it is with a heavy heart I have to announce my lovely Auntie Ellie has now gone over the rainbow bridge. She was twelve.  Run free Ellie …… xxx

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  1. I have a friend who because of her dog found out she had breast cancer. She is alive today because her dog jumped on her and his paw came down on her breast where the cancer was located. Regardless of whether the dog actually knew where the cancer was located…she is alive today because of this…nothing showed on the mammogram.


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