Pickles is in a Pickle!


This week my blog is all about pickles!

… and I am not referring to pickled gherkins, but rather, a gorgeous gal named Pickles and our Competition prize the howling good best seller ‘Pets in a Pickle’.  So please read on …

Meet Pickles:

Who can resist those big brown eyes?

Pickles is a two-year old English working cocker spaniel who loves chasing squirrels and playing with her ball, and yes lads she is single!

Pickles however is not just a pretty face, this classy gal has a career in high finance. Pickles is Top Paw in fund-raising at Medical Detection Dogs.  Pickles loves a challenge so she has set a goal to raise £100,000 (US $ 150,000) in the next twelve months to fund the training of ten Medical Alert Assistance Dogs or Cancer Detection Dogs like Kiska:

Kiska is training to be a Hypo Alert Dog.

Rescue dogs coming to the rescue of humans:  What is really brilliant is all the Medical Detection Dogs Pickles is funding are either donated or come from rescues like special Medical Alert Dog Coco:

What a handsome lad enjoying his doggie chocolate, and he certainly doesn’t need a Tubby Challenge!

Coco keeps in shape with tennis balls, swimming, and romping with his brother Udo.  He also likes his fruit and veggies and his doggie chocolate.

Who would believe that Coco was once a teenage hooligan.  His original owners could not cope with his exuberance and mischief.  Fortunately for Coco  the trainer at the puppy class he attended also helped Medical Detection Dogs and spotted his potential.  Coco was signed over to Medical Detection Dogs by his original owners when he was eight months old and with training, patience, love & direction he has become a brilliant little chap and the only scientifically proven Addison’s alert dog in the world – Wow!  Coco saves the life of his human Karen on a daily basis, check out his video.

Pickles Sniff 5000 campaign

Now £100,000 ($ 150,000) is a lot of bonios to raise to fund the training of dogs like Coco and Kiska. Pickles is however a very clever pups and she has calculated that if 5000 four paw friends each donated £5 a paw ($7.5) she would reach her goal, so she has launched a special campaign “Sniff 5000, dogs helping dogs save lives”

Pickles checking bonio stock prices

Pickles is however in a Pickle!

Pickles needs her four-paw pals to help her reach her goal. I know many of you reading this blog have already generously donated, but could you please help give Pickles a woof and spread the word by pee-mailing this blog to your four-paw chums, or posting on your twitter and Facebook accounts?  You may also like to consider becoming a special Fund Raising Dog?

Join The Pickles Fan Club – become a special ‘Fund Raising Dog’

Jack: “Lads, do you think I am in with a chance with Pickles?” Winslow: “can you count to 5000?”

Pals, why not join The Pickles Fan Club, like Winslow, Jack and myself and become a special “Fundraising Dog” to help raise funds and awareness for these special dogs who save lives?

It is very easy, helping distribute leaflets while on walks, which means more walks, and attending dog shows, so lots of extra attention and treats.  If you think you might be interested please e-mail Pickles at sniff5000@medicaldetectiondogs.org.uk or leave a message on my blog to receive an information pack.

….. and if you happen to find any loose change please consider popping into our Just Giving box to help Pickles reach her goal.

“always room for a few more pennies”


Wow, do we have a great prize for the lucky winner this week.

We have a signed copy of the best seller ‘Pets in a Pickle’.

Warning, this book does contain that rather naughty four lettered word V.E.T.S.  However you will be laughing your paws off following the hilarious stories of a young vet and some mischievous animal pals!  We were lucky enough to meet the author Malcolm Welshman in London and he is a smashing chap.

How to enter:

All you have to do is Guess the weight of the lovely Pickles:

Pickles  favourite foods are smoked salmon and home-baked cod with a topping of grated cheese – Yum! ( I wonder if her chef could give my staff cookery lessons)

Submit your answer in the Leave a Reply/Comments Box below for a chance to win.  (If the box is not visible, click on ‘Replies’ at the bottom of the post or the ‘bubble’ at the top of the blog by the blog title)

You can answer in pounds (lbs) or kilograms (kg) but please state which measurement you are using.

If we receive more than one correct answer, there will be a draw for the winner.  If there are no correct answers, the closest guess wins.

The Competition closes next Sunday 19 February.

Good Luck!


The gorgeous Miss Pickles weighs exactly 12 kg which is 26.46 lbs.

Announcing the winner of our Competition:

*drum roll please*

The nearest correct answer is from Arran at WaggyTailsPhotography.co.uk with 11.4 kgs


Big Paw Wave,
Mr. Kipling

The Return of The Tubbies



Have you been naughty?

Did you over indulge during the holidays and now look like a Plump Lump?

We certainly hope so!

Make 2012 the year to “Be The Change”.


THE RETURN OF THE TUBBIES is a fun 10 week sponsored Weight Loss Challenge to get you fit and raise funds for our fantastic charity Medical Detection Dogs.

* The Challenge will begin Friday 6 January, 2012.

* £100 or US$150 Cash prize to the winning Tubby who has lost the greatest percentage of their body weight.

* Prize for the Top Tubby Team.

* Fun competitions for the not so Tubby supporters to participate in.

This is an international competition, so come and join in the fun.  If you have Plump Lump friends too, why not make a Tubby Team.

Not a pretty sight!

HOW YOU CAN HELP: Sign up as a Tubby, Sponsor a Tubby, Enter our Guess the Weight Competitions. 



Click here for the RETURN OF THE TUBBIES Competition Information

Finally, I would just like to say a very big THANK YOU to all our friends and supporters.  We could not have done this without you.

My New Year resolution, to make 2012 a great fund raising year for Medical Detection Dogs!

Big Tubby Wave,

Mr. Kipling C.E.O (Chief Eating Officer)

Remember, if you find any loose change, please consider popping it in our Just Giving Account.  No donation is too small.  Medical Detection Dogs are funded entirely through donations from great people like you!

A wagging good time at Discover Dogs


This week we have a special report from Miss Tia, on location at Tubby HQ, London.  So without further ado, over to our guest blogger the lovely Miss Tia:

Last weekend tails were wagging furiously and noses went into overdrive as all the different dog breeds from around the world rendezvoused at Discover Dogs in London. This was a fabulous two day event sponsored by the UK Kennel Club and attended by some 3000 dogs and 25,000 bipeds all meeting and greeting each other. As soon as I arrived I was checking out the talent:

Hellooooo handsome!

Oops I digress!

The top item on my agenda was a very important mission to meet up with my friends from Medical Detection Dogs and to present them with a cheque from the Tubby Challenge Team. Twelve human Tubbies from the UK and USA had shed 49 pounds (what a lot of lard) and raised another £400 (US$600) in sponsorship.

Auntie Ellie and I from Tubby HQ are handing the cheque to Medical Detection Dog’s Ches.

and here are Two Tubbies with (left) Pam Jones (fund raising) and (3rd left) Clare Guest (CEO) of Medical Detection Dogs

Meet my friend Pickles, she is a special fund raising dog for Medical Detection Dogs.

At Discover Dogs you can get all sorts of useful information on doggie health issues, exercise and grooming. There is also plenty of action in the arenas with obedience, agility, and flyball demonstrations and the highlight of the weekend, The Southern Golden Retriever Display Team featuring none other than yours truly! You can also indulge in one of my favourite pastimes, shopping.

The Southern Golden Retriever Display Team (I hope they got my good side)

We had to be on our best behaviour too with the Police Drug Sniffing Squad.

Celebrities were everywhere including none other than famous actress Briar aka Wonder Winger.

There was also plenty of time for some serious retail therapy and treat sampling:

Lily’s Kitchen and Wagg Foods were very generous with the treats …. Yummy!








Some very posh coats at Hound and Hound

and doggie ice cream from Billy and Margot!

… and just incase you thought it was all play, our Portion Control operatives Tilly, Bertie and myself were working overtime assisting  the bipeds with their snacks:














We all had a wagging good weekend

….. and I think Pickles ended up pickled!

This is Miss Tia reporting from Tubby HQ London.

I am a 3 year old Golden Retriever and yes, blondes do have more fun!



We are going to the dogs


We are going to the dogs, Discover Dogs that is!

The Tubby HQ Team (humans and dogs) will be at Discover Dogs on Saturday and Sunday to meet up with the fabulous Medical Detection Dogs.  We will be stationed with the Southern Golden Retriever Display Team so stop by and shake a paw.

Top Tubby HQ directors Ellie and Tia have had a busy morning of pampering to prepare for the event:

Tia, I do not like baths!

My highly trained team of Portion Control experts will also be circulating Discover Dogs to assist all the humans with sandwich and snack eating:

The Chip Inquisition

Excuse me Miss, I think you had better hand over that last chip or ……

Join us at Medical Detection Dogs stand tomorrow afternoon (Stand 94)

Watch The Southern Golden Retriever Display Team perform in the Main Ring at 12:40 on Saturday and at 12:05 and 15:35 on Sunday.

See you all tomorrow,

Big Tubby Wave

Join Tubby Challenge and transform the way you look!

Tubby Jenny was so successful in transforming her physique she won the “Person who most looks like their Dog” contest and then went on to take “Best in Show” at Medical Detection Dog’s Fun Day and Dog Show.

Tia, her Golden Retriever was so embarrassed she beat a hasty retreat to the bar!

Bartender, make mine a triple barkarita !

Top Tubby Tip:

Alcohol slows fat burning in humans.  Best just leave the drinking to us pups, Spanieltini for me, shaken not stirred!